I Was Left Out

My friends had been plotting for a long time to see if they could make me look stupid. They arranged for a reunion to be held at one of the town’s best night spots. One of them called me and … Continue reading

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Best Birthday Ever!

My wife and I had been having problems for sometime now. It wasn’t that we didn’t love each other. We just lost that special something a man and a woman shares. We have kids. We both work outside the house. … Continue reading

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Enjoy Being At Work Again

My new job just started three weeks ago, and I’m already caught up on my house and mortgage payment. It’s a nice feeling to actually be earning money instead of sitting around on the couch all day. My job is … Continue reading

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Following her Dreams

Heather sat nervously, biting her fingernails while shaking her legs. “All aboard flight 828” screamed a cheerful voice over the intercom. Heather exhaled, stood up and began to walk behind the family of four who was also boarding the same … Continue reading

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It’s Official!

It’s official! Fuck buddies are the very best kind of buddies you can have! Good friends are one thing but when it comes to having mates who will hop into bed with you without any emotional commitment whatsoever is hard … Continue reading

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