Mental Depression

I have lived and suffered with mental depression for several years and it is very frustrating. Every time that I turn around I have a new doctor’s appointment to show up at or I am getting sent to the pharmacy … Continue reading

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The Real Me

For the record, I am a completely different person at work than I am back at home. At work I hold a professional look and only speak in a sophisticated voice. But at home, I am relaxed, easy-going, and I … Continue reading

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Following her Dreams

Heather sat nervously, biting her fingernails while shaking her legs. “All aboard flight 828” screamed a cheerful voice over the intercom. Heather exhaled, stood up and began to walk behind the family of four who was also boarding the same … Continue reading

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Dealing With My Boss

This weekend my boss is hosting an extremely large dinner party at his house. The thought of it actually sounded exciting and for once I had something to look forward to that was work related. After thinking about the party … Continue reading

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My Secret Affair

My name is Jennifer and I am 41 years old with a husband that works long hours as a lawyer. I went out a couple of months ago with my girlfriends and some of their single guy friends. When I … Continue reading

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The Perfect Birthday

I just had my twenty-first birthday in Leeds last weekend and was given the opportunity to experience Manchester escort agency. I have to say they gave me the ideal birthday gift, a gorgeous man at my hotel room door. After … Continue reading

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It’s Official!

It’s official! Fuck buddies are the very best kind of buddies you can have! Good friends are one thing but when it comes to having mates who will hop into bed with you without any emotional commitment whatsoever is hard … Continue reading

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